Inspiring and Creating Change in Organisations


Creating change in organisation can be hard. Overcoming traditional ways of thinking, legacy cultures, changing mindsets...

You may be seeing low morale and engagement, ineffective decision-making, stressed leaders and employees, high absence, low retention and increased employee relations cases. All signs that something needs to change.

In the long run it will impact culture, employer brand and market reputation. It will impact on results. 

What if you made changes so your people could reach their potential? The company could reach it's potential too!

By understanding your business and providing a wealth of experience in HR, change, leadership and coaching, I support you to inspire and create change. To build an environment where people and results thrive.


Every organisation is different, so it requires a bespoke approach.

Having worked with a diverse range of businesses from SME’s to global corporates, in industries from life sciences to behavioural analytics, I am well placed to provide senior level HR expertise and partnership to your organisation.

Part-time HR Director

Can’t afford to invest in a full-time HR Director but know you need senior level support and expertise?


Leadership Coaching

Want to invest in your leaders and future leaders to enable people and results to thrive?


Change Programme

Need help and advice to make changes in your organisation and implement people plans?


Part-time HR Director

Part-time HR Leadership

I provide part-time HR partnership, operating as a highly experienced HR Director who will work remotely and flexibly with you to suit your business needs. Whether it’s to cover for your existing HR Director, add senior level HR partnership or provide additional resource at a time of heightened demand.

With experience of working as part of a leadership team I will easily fit in with your existing team. I become a trusted advisor, without the need for you to hire someone full-time. I'll get to know the business, tailor my approach and hit the ground running.


1:1 Leadership Coaching

A unique space to reflect, re-energise and reconnect. Leaders have time to think, clear the brain fog and see light at the end of the tunnel.


They'll become more self-aware, present, confident, courageous and engaged with renewed energy to gain momentum and see results. Whether its redefining leadership style, increasing performance and leadership impact, starting a new role, going for promotion or taking on a new project, I can help.


I am experienced in using coaching and mentoring as an effective way of developing leaders to be the best they can be, inspiring them to be their authentic self, maximise their personal and professional potential and be resilient to change.

Those coached by me experience...

  • Career growth
  • Increased confidence (in communicating their needs, presenting, managing etc)
  • Increased drive to execute on plans
  • Heightened business impact
  • Clarity in thinking and focus
  • Increased courage to take on new challenges or try a different approach
  • Increased self-awareness
  • Improved wellbeing, resilience and work life balance
  • Reduced risk of burnout
  • Accelerated movement through periods of change and transition (restructuring, returning from maternity/leave of absence, redundancy, retirement etc)
  • Accelerated transition to new roles - promotion, diversification, lateral moves, restructuring
  • Enhanced quality of work
  • Accelerated pace of planning


1:1 coaching and mentoring typically over a 6-month period and access to a wealth of supporting materials in my Leadership Resources Hub.


Bespoke Change Programme

A bespoke approach to inspiring and creating change within your organisation.


Help and advice to design and implement your people plans...

  • Struggle to implement your people plans?
  • Need your leadership team to be more effective?
  • Concerned that employees are not as engaged as they could be?
  • Worried about the wellbeing of your team?
  • Have an overwhelmed HR team in need of strategic support?

I can help and advise you on your people plans, whether it's leadership effectiveness, talent management, change management, engagement, culture or wellbeing.

As this is bespoke to your business this is project managed online and priced following an in-depth appraisal of your business and HR needs.